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About Us


All classroom instruction is presented by field electricians that you are likely to see next to you at the electrical supply stores. These are your fellow trades people who are eager to pass along their knowledge and  make sure you have the tools you need to interpret electrical code and become a licensed electrician

Personalized Approach

Excellence and Professionalism

We pride ourselves on our drive to provide our students with an unequaled learning opportunity. Many years of teaching electrical apprentices has put us in a position that we have the very best instructors who are eager to pass knowledge along to the students. Students will learn in a classroom setting that allows them to be interactive with their instructor as well as their fellow classmates. Students will be given access to an abundance of training material to ensure they become an expert in their career.

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You Guarantee your Success

Students who apply themselves and absorb what is being taught to them on the job and in the classroom will see a level of success and pride that is unmatched even with most four year degrees. Students will have all the tools necessary to watch their level of knowledge explode, alongside their pay scale. The need for electricians is on the rise while the availability of licensed electricians is declining. This means that you will never have to wonder if you can use your skills. At the same you will find yourself with an income to have a life that affords you the ability to live very comfortably.

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